The bases for the earth ball is taken from the 3 frequency icosahedrons. I idea was to simplify the construction of the 3V icosa by removing the inter triangles from the hexagons and pentagons. As the geodesic structures are very strong for large span structures their a    re just to many struts needed for the smaller structures under 20' in diameter.

As our final structure resembles the soccer ball with the hexagons around the pentagons. In any design efficiency in the use of standard materials of great importance. As most common sheathing materials are four feet wide and our hexagons have parallel sides it was our goal to create a strut length that created a four foot wide hexagon from the center of each strut.

The earth ball structure can be built using many different material choices and is at a size that is useful for many different needs. Depending on the use of the structure different sizes of lumber can be used with ample strength. As in all our wood structures and as any carpenter would do is cut the compound angles where the three struts meet.
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